Louise Marcus-1_compressedFounder of Marcus Law Offices

Louise Marcus is the founder and principal of Marcus Law Offices in Warwick, RI and is licensed to practice law in the State and Federal Courts of Rhode Island, the State Courts of Massachusetts, and in the U.S. Supreme Court.


Attorney Marcus is an experienced attorney and mediator with a broad range of legal and business skills.  Noted for thorough, nimble solutions that proactively reduce conflicts and litigation and maximize opportunities and resources, she will be an integral member of your team.

Her corporate and private practice experience includes:

  • Security Breach, [GLBA, FCRA/FACTA, TILA, ECOA, etc.] Compliance Legal Point Person for the enterprise, including New York-based parent MetLife Inc.
  • Negotiate and draft contracts for High-Profile, Global Strategic Business Initiatives/New Product Rollouts involving IP Licensing provisions
  • Review and Modify Corporate and Marketing branding documents to comply with federal and state laws
  • Advise Senior Management on Regulatory Compliance, Contract, and Privacy matters at State and Federal levels, to provide Liability-Reducing Best Practices in-house based upon thorough research and industry trade group involvement
  • Team Developed and Implemented Enterprise-Wide Privacy and Security Breach Policies and Procedures to Comply and Reduce Potential Litigation and Fines
  • Earn Awards from business teams for sound, responsive legal advice that  allows clients to achieve aggressive business goals and to meet time-sensitive deadlines
  • Past teaching engagements have included “Negotiation and Mediation” at Roger Williams Univ. School of Law, and “Leadership” at Johnson & Wales University

Attorney Marcus advises and helps business and quasi-governmental agency clients to successfully implement Liability-Reducing Best Practices in-house in areas such as Privacy, Security Breach, Employment, Contracts, and numerous business policies, procedures, and transactions.   Contact her at LMarcus@verizon.net for further insights into your legal and compliance needs.

Firm Profile

The firm’s focus is proactive and thorough Federal, State, and Administrative Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance, and outsourced In-House and General Counsel duties.

We capably guide clients to cost-effectively comply with the quagmire of Federal laws and regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, FCRA/FACTA, and the EEOC, among others.  We have written and spoken at industry conferences on topics such as thorough yet cost-effective compliance with HUD regulations, Security Breach, and the FTC’s recently-issued Red Flags Rule.


80%  of our time is devoted to proactive, Liability-Reducing Best Practices.

20%  of our time is spent resolving and zealously advocating client cases via Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation.  Accordingly, our philosophy is straightforward:  it is wiser and less costly to prevent lawsuits and expensive fines by efficiently ‘staying ahead of the curve’ and employing best-practices.  However, when clients contact us after they are fined or sued, we zealously and collaboratively negotiate and resolve issues for them.

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