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A good offense saves time and money

Marcus Law can thoroughly and cost-effectively ensure that your company complies with applicable state and federal laws such as SOX, GLBA, HUD, FACTA, EMR, HIPAA, PSQIA, EEOC, FTC Red Flags Rule, and others.  It’s easier and less costly to avoid noncompliance problems than to play catch-up when risks are exposed by authorities.

Contact us this week to schedule a free compliance assessment.  It’s quick, easy, and thorough.  Either we’ll find that you have few or no risks, or we’ll uncover fixable problems to avoid headaches, costly fines, and bad publicity.  Either way, you win. Contact us now.

Security Breach

Keep your computer network from incriminating you

Do you properly protect data on customers and employees from theft and misappropriation?  Contact us to review your security practices, including GLBA, FACTA, EEOC, HIPAA, PSQIA, EMR, FTC Red Flags Rule, and more.  We’ll help you to limit your liabilities and your worries.

Contact us this week to schedule  a free security breach assessment.  You can then cross off ‘worry’ from your to-do list.

Corporate Governance

.An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Because experience has shown that it’s better to prevent problems than to back-track to fix them, we reward clients who contact us frequently when they’re uncertain about a potential legal issue. Contact us to learn how your business can profit from our Preferred ‘Free’quent Client program.

General Counsel

Put us on your team, not on your staff

Is hiring a full-time attorney too expensive for your business?  With us, you get legal expertise whenever you need it.  And that’s the only time you incur a cost for the peace of mind to know that your legal matters are in capable hands. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the scope of your needs, wants, and interests.

Because our experience has shown that it’s better to prevent problems, we often offer free advice when you contact us early, before a little problem becomes an expensive one.

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